Allen TLN
Bodies As Clothing is a multi-layered metaphor, that through the multi-sensory medium of Fashion- one of human society's most powerful cultural engineering platforms- aims to the reawaken the inherent 7th sense, and bridge the gap between westernized and Animistic cultures. Widely present amidst cultures rooted in Animism, the 7th sense is responsible for making moral decisions directly related to sustainability. 
Animistic cultures throughout the world operate their daily lives from the understanding that all things in our physical world have consciousness and the ability to feel.
The Medium is the Message. Bodies As Clothing is produced with the inherent knowledge that all things feel, are interdependent, and interconnected, from the herbal dyes that go into the fabrics, free of toxins, to the well-being of the people and their communities that bring the production of the medium together. To remember that all things feel, we must remember that we too, inside our bodies, are things that feel. 
To see Bodies As Clothing; our bodies as our first layer of clothes, and clothes, as our second bodies is to, like the ancient Animists, once again become a thing that feels. ​​​​​​​